Hsoub Mobile Application

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working on the development of a mobile application for Hsoub website. Using the mobile application, you can browse Hsoub website and use all of the features of the original website.

The source code for the android application will be available on my GitHub repository, and I welcome all kind of contributions to the application code and design.

You can try the alpha version of the application from Google Play store. If you have an issue, bug or suggestions, don’t hesitate to open an issue with it on Github using this link https://github.com/abozanona/hsoub/issues . The mobile application will be available for ios on it’s release version

Hsoub application with be the first in a series of creating mobile applications for all of hsoub websites.

Big thanks to Sasini for his design for the Hsoub application. You can see the original designs for Sasani on fnkeely.

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