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I’m happy to share the news with everyone that we’re currently working on the development of Luca; a chrome extension built on top of react to watching movies with friends 🎥. Using Luca, you can create parties 🎉, invite friends👬, sync movie player▶️, chat with friends💬, send reactions😂, and do many more things.

Our goal with Luca is to allow friends to watch any online video with friends without the need to upload the video to any third party website or application 💃.

We’re also planning to expand Luca to other platforms. Our goal is for everyone to run Luca on Chrome / Edge / Safari / Firefox / Android / IOS.

Luca is completely free and open source 👾. We welcome all kind of contributions to the chrome extension code and design. Drop Luca’s repo a visit on GitHub

You can try the latest version of Luca from Chrome Web Store. If you have an issue, bug or suggestions, don’t hesitate to open an issue with it on Github using this link or sending us your feedback on our discord server.

We also have a discord channel! It’s still new, and we want to build a big community there, so we welcome all of you to join us there.

Luca was made with love thanks to @abozanona, @Mahmoud-Skafi & @yousefra.

Big thanks for Co.Te.De Technologies for their support on the Luca extension.

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