My cat

The first time I met my cat was a few years ago. She was a kitten back then. I guess she was three or four months old. I found her in the house yard without a sign for her mother or siblings, so I decided to try to gain her trust and become her human friend. It was not the first time I tried to get closer to cats and be her friend. So I had a little experience in how can I get her trust. I managed to gain her trust by giving her food and gradually getting closer to her.

My mother doesn’t like cats at all; she doesn’t allow me to have pets inside our home, so in the first few weeks with my new cat, she used to pass by our house every day looking for me and hoping that I will bring her something to eat or she will sit in my lap and I will cuddle her and massage her body. After a while, I started sneaking her into our house frequently, keeping her inside the guest’s room, and bringing her some food to eat. And she used to sneak into our home by herself also. She would always go inside our house if she found the front door opened. She will go after that either to the kitchen to look for some food or to the guest’s room where I used to hide her from my mother.

She wasn’t only my cat. I saw her many times sitting in front of my uncle’s house waiting for my cousin to get her some food. But I think I was her favorite human friend. Between all of the humans she knew, I think she has spent most of her time with me. She sits a lot in my lap, she keeps rubbing her body with me, saying that she claims me, and she bites me from time to time. And whenever one of my two nephews sees her, he calls me and asks me to help him feeding her or playing with her. I’ve also taught her a small trick to be able to call her and make her come to me if she’s somewhere close to me. Whenever I snap my fingers she immediately comes to me. I used to snap my finger everytime I gave her something to eat, so whenever I snap my fingers she runs towards me asking for food.

As far as I know, my cat has given birth three times. The first time she gave birth was more than three or four years ago. She sneaked into the guest’s room and gave birth to her children in an empty flower’s basket. My mother got very angry at me that day when she saw the blood in the guest’s room, and I was so thrilled because I finally had grandchildren :3. I had to move my cat out of the guest’s room and find them another place to stay in. I remember that day I tried to get her away from her kittens so I could move them, but she refused to leave her babies. I tried to offer her some food to eat and distract her but she didn’t eat anything. And when I held the basket to move her babies outside the house, she became very angry and started hissing at me. I moved my cat and her babies to somewhere else I prepared for them, and visited them frequently to give them some food and check my grandchildren. Few weeks later, she changed the location of her kittens to another place and I haven’t seen them after that. But I had the feeling that they couldn’t make it, and they have died few months after she has changed their location 😞.

The second time my cat had given birth was also in the guest’s room. It was two years ago. She gave birth in the same basket she gave birth in the first time. My mom was mad at me again :/ and I had to move them somewhere else. I built a small house with a barrel surrounding a tree. I made sure that the house is clean, has moderate temperature, and that it’s very difficult for her to grab her children from their necks, climb the tree and change their location again. And I kept visiting my cat and bring some food with me for her and her kitten.

After few weeks, I found my cat’s kitten inside the guest’s room; She has sneaked into the guest’s room from the opened window and moved all of her four kittens there. I tried to return them back to their previous house, but she moved them again to the yard in front of the guest’s room window. I tried to keep my cat and her kitten in the guest’s room for a couple of days, but I was exposed after that and I had to move them out again, and whenever I get them out of the house, my cat tries to sneak her kittens to the guest’s room again.

I’ve learned a lot about cats with my cat and her four kittens. I remember one day she was sitting on the couch in the guest’s room watching me playing with her children, and she suddenly walked towards me and started licking me. I found out at that time how much does she love me. I’ve also learned some tricks of how I can limp and relax her kittens while I’m holding them and prevent them from struggling me, however that trick didn’t always work, and they scratch my hand sometimes.

Sadly, all of the four kittens have died 😞. It was a very stupid idea of me to allow my cat to keep her kittens around my house. All of the four kittens died because of that decision. Two of the kittens have died while my nephews were playing with them. When I arrived home that night, I was told that two of the kittens had died, and that my nephew feels sad and regrets that. He promised me that from now on he will never allow anyone from his friends to play with the other two kittens and that he will be nice with them. The other two kittens have died a couple of months later 😞. I feel very sorry for my cat 😞 She’s the saddest cat I have ever seen.

After her four kittens had died, I knew that the best thing for my cat is for her to live away from humans. I stopped giving her food as much as I used to do, stopped sneaking her inside the house, stopped cuddling her ,and stopped allowing her to sleep in my lap anymore. I remember that after few months her looks has changed to me. Whenever I meet her in the street, she keeps looking at me waiting for me to do something like ordering her to follow me by snapping my fingers or going towards her and holding her or massaging her head.

The third time she gave birth was around a month ago. I knew that after I saw her on the street and saw her belly dangling, which means she has given birth not a long time ago. I felt happy for her because she has given birth to her kittens away from humans.

I saw my cat few days after that with three little kittens around her, they had a different color from their previous brothers. In her first and second birth, her kittens had a yellow/golden hair color just like their mother’s, but in her last birth, all of her kitten’s hair color was gray.

And a week ago, after I arrived home, I noticed that she has moved her kittens to our house’s yard.

It was so sad to see two of the three kittens with her 😞. I offered them some food, tried to play with my cat’s children but they were scared of me and they didn’t get close to me without their mother coming closer to me at first. After they finished their meal, I moved them to somewhere else.

I’ve noticed today that my cat has moved her kittens to another place, and I think this is the best thing she has made for her new kittens.

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