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Tmasraf is one of the projects I worked on as a freelancer. It’s a cashback mobile app where customers get points from shopping.

In Tmasraf, I developed two mobile applications(one for customers and one for merchants), and a control panel for admins.

Tmasraf was developed using NodeJS[Express] and NativeScript.

The first version of the mobile application was developed using Xamarin.Forms, but I switched to NativeScript to improve application performance.

Tmasraf admin panel.

The admin panel gives admins access to website statistics and allows them to manage merchants’ subscriptions.

Tmasraf customers application.

Users can create a new account in Tmasraf customers application to access its features. Once users create an account they can start collecting points.

Every new user gets a unique QR code that can be used in earning points.

Users can see a list of all subscribed stores in the application and explore their location and products.

Customers can earn a point from buying products from the subscribed stores by allowing the stores to scan their QR code from the merchant application. I implemented a secure method to transfer points between customers and merchants using QR code scanning.

Tmasraf merchants application.

Merchants application is used by stores to add points to customers. When a customer buys a product from a merchant, the merchant scans the customer’s QR code and sends him cashback points that he can use in buying products in the future.

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