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Ten months ago, I embarked on a new chapter of my life, moving to the vibrant city of Hamburg. This marked not only a change in my location but also a significant step in my career as a software engineer. I was fortunate to join Freiheit, an IT company headquartered in Hamburg, and today, I want to share my journey and experiences with this remarkable organization and the beautiful city I now call home.


Upon my arrival in Hamburg, I was eager to dive into my new role as a software engineer at From the very beginning, I felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the team members. The company’s culture exuded inclusivity, collaboration, and a genuine passion for technology. The people I met were not only highly skilled but also incredibly humble and experienced, making it a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

My Role as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer at, I had the privilege of working on a very exciting project from it’s very early stages that pushed the boundaries of my technical and soft expertise. One of the most significant learning experiences was working with microservices and learning new things about their concept.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with tools like K9s and Protocol Buffers (ProtoBuf). These tools not only enhanced my skill set but also enabled me to contribute more effectively to the projects I was involved in. The constant exposure to new technologies and methodologies kept my passion for software engineering burning brightly.

Mentoring and Growth

One of the aspects that sets apart is its commitment to nurturing talent. I was entrusted with the responsibility of supervising a new member who joined our team. This experience allowed me to further develop my leadership skills and share the knowledge I had acquired during my tenure. It was a gratifying experience to see my mentee grow and thrive within our organization.

Exploring Hamburg

Beyond the confines of the office, I found immense joy in exploring the city of Hamburg. The city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse neighborhoods never ceased to amaze me. I often took leisurely walks or bike rides, discovering new places every day. From the iconic Elbphilharmonie to the picturesque Alster Lake, Hamburg offered a multitude of experiences that enriched my life outside of work.


My journey with and Hamburg has been nothing short of remarkable. I have grown as a software engineer, deepened my understanding of innovative technologies, and formed lasting connections with my colleagues. Hamburg, with its charm and beauty, has become my beloved home.

As I continue my career with, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The company’s commitment to excellence and personal growth aligns perfectly with my aspirations, and I am excited to see where this journey leads me next.

My time at in Hamburg has been a journey of professional fulfillment and personal exploration. I am grateful for the experiences, the knowledge gained, and the friendships formed. Hamburg’s “Freiheit” (freedom) has truly become a guiding principle in both my career and my life.

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